Dental SybronEndo Elements Obturation Unit Gutta Percha Handpieces Extruder

The newly designed Elements Obturation unit incorporates advanced technologies involving software, metallurgy, electronics and industrial design with the best elements of System B and a patent-pending motorized extruder. 

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Dental SybronEndo Elements Obturation Unit Gutta Percha Handpieces Extruder From down-pack to backfill, from filling lateral canals to creating post spaces, the Elements Obturation unit puts the Continuous Wave of Condensation technique in one simple-to-operate device. Consistent, reliable results made easy – all from a unit that takes up only 1/3 the space of two separate machines.


Elements Obturation Unit
Part Numbers
Elements Obturation Cartridges (box of 10)
Number Description
972-2001 Gauge 20
972-2002 Gauge 23
Gutta Percha:
Number Description
972-1001 Gauge 20 (medium body)
972-1004 Gauge 20 (heavy body)
972-1002 Gauge 23 (medium body)
972-1005 Gauge 23 (heavy body)
972-1003 Gauge 25 (light body)
Autofit Greater Taper Points (box of 50)
972-2320 Assorted Pack (.06/.12 Taper)
972-2311 0.04
972-2312 0.06
972-2313 0.08
972-2314 0.1
972-2315 .12 (0.98 mm max diameter)
972-2316 .12L (1.35 mm max diameter)
Gutta Percha:
972-0100 Assorted Pack (.06/.12)
972-0101 0.04
972-0102 0.06
972-0103 0.08
972-0104 0.1
972-0105 .12L (1.35 mm max diameter)
972-0107 .12 (0.98 mm max diameter)
RealSeal Kits
972-2100 Intro Kit (.04/.06)
972-2102 0.02
972-2103 0.04
972-2104 0.06
Elements Obturation Unit Parts
973-0322 Obturation Unit
973-0325 Obturation Unit (without Handpieces)
973-0326 Extruder Handpiece (with 2 Shields)
973-0327 System B Handpiece (with 2 Shields)
973-0331 Extruder Handpiece Shield (pkg of 2)
973-0332 System B Handpiece Shield (pkg of 2)
973-0333 Power Supply
973-0334 AC Power Cord, US
973-0335 AC Power Cord, Europe
973-0336 AC Power Cord, UK
Elements Buchanan Heat Pluggers
952-0003 Set of 5
952-0031 .04 (XF)
952-0004 .06 (F)
952-0005 .08 (FM)
952-0006 .10 (M)
952-0007 .12 (ML)
952-0017 Elements Obturation Heat Plugger Stand
973-0219 Hot Pulp Test Tip
Elements Buchanan Hand Pluggers
974-0058 Size #1
974-0059 Size #2


974-0058 Size #1
974-0059 Size #2

Additional Information

The Elements Obturation Unit combines our System B� technology with a motor-driven extruder handpiece to make obturation efficient, predictable, and accurate. From downpack to backfill, the Elements Obturation Unit puts the Continuous Wave of Condensation Technique into one simple-to-operate device that takes up only 1/3 the space of two separate machines.

System B Plugger Maximizes Condensation Force For Complete Fill

Matched Autofit pluggers replicate the canal shape and maximize condensation forces to move fill material and sealer into all areas of the root canal, including lateral canals, which ensures a complete fill.

Features and Benefits

System B

  • One-touch controls for downpack, backfill and hot pulp testing
  • Each function has preset temperature and duration
  • Tip temperature is continuously maintained and displayed
  • Time-out feature prevents overheating
  • Automatic shut-off precludes using wrong or worn-out tip
  • Plugger heats instantly for immediate use


  • Motorized handpiece eliminates hand fatigue and precludes voids
  • Pencil-grip handpiece enhances control and fits standard handpiece holders
  • Precise temperature control for consistency
  • Extra-long prebent needles offer convenience and unprecedented visibility
  • Heats quickly and shuts off automatically
  • Handpiece shows remaining material


  • Plugger and extruder handpieces are lightweight, strong and durable
  • Insulation technology keeps handpieces cool for you and the patient
  • Aluminum shields minimize downtime � use one while autoclaving the other

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