Novia Dentals Faq and How to Buy:

1. What is buying procedure at  Novia Dentals Distributor;

Browse our website to check and see our online products catalog then send us complete list of products that you want to buy either by email or fax, and we will make you detailed offer.
If you don't find the products that you looking for at our online website cataloq, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or by phone. We will make sure the products that you looking for is ready and available in stock.
Write a list of items that you interesting to buy then send it by email or call us by phone.
Do not forget to inform us your verifiable contact information like email address or phone number, so we may contact you back and will let you know what it would cost and shipping charge or when it's available to pick it up.

2. Is Discount available ?
Discount always available for all product, range of discount is 10% -15%
Discount and extra Free shipping cost available for order with minimum 2 units or more.

3. What about shipping cost?
Shipping cost available and cost depending how far destination, but we also offering free shipping cost for customers who intend to buy in biq quantity. So what do you waiting for ? apply big order and get extra discount + free shipping cost.

4. What is payment term;
Preferred Payment term is Bank transfer T.T in advance to our bank account, as we already suffering in the past with paypal and credit card, so now we only may accept payment both Credit Card and Paypal for returning order (repetition order) with returning customers. It's very important for us just accepting payment by Credit Card and Paypal for returning customers to protect our self.