Welcome to Novia Dentals, the E-marketplace for Doctors and Dentists! In January 2008, Novia Dentals was founded by a healthcare professional who recognized the need for a trustworthy website offering an exclusive online service for doctors and dentists. Novia Dentals has positioned itself as the leading e-marketplace for dental and medical equipment online. Novia Dentals knows that there is nothing more important than helping our nation’s health-care professionals provide top-notch care for their patients—which is why we have scoured the industry’s retail market for the best products and equipment available

Our Mission At Novia Dentals, our mission is to improve the health of our nation by improving health care practices. We offer standard, reliable equipment and the newest versions of the products you depend on every day. Our duty is to help you foster a professional working environment that will allow you to focus on your patient’s needs, rather than the needs of your office.

Proudly Serving Healthcare Professionals Throughout the Nation and Beyond! Novia Dentals is proud to serve doctors and dentists throughout the nation. Novia Dentals is only a click away from our target community of over 500,000 American doctors and dentists. Our web professionals work with hundreds of manufacturers and distributors to provide the world’s finest dental and medical equipment while satisfying the needs of the modern-day health-care professional.

Team Novia Dentals  is comprised of qualified internet engineers working around the clock to stock your office with essential, premium equipment and products through a convenient, accessible, secure online service. Also, we work closely with practicing doctors and dentists who test and use the products while communicating the genuine needs of the modern-day healthcare professional.

Let’s Face It-Good Service is Hard to Come By Novia Dentals is service-oriented, committed to the quick and efficient delivery of the industry’s best dental and medical products. Our customer service representatives are striving every day to provide the products you want through a service you can rely on.

Reliable Service from the Comfort of your Home or Office Shop for the quality products you need at prices you can afford from the comfort of your home or office! Our customer service team is here to aid first-time e-commerce shoppers, and to assist our loyal return customers with any questions related to online shopping and the products on our website.

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Novia Dentals is constantly generating innovative solutions to your professional needs. 



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